Donald Trump Still Think It’s A Hoax Shirt

 Donald Trump Still Think It’s A Hoax Shirt,  Hoodie And Sweater

The Donald Trump Still Think It’s A Hoax Shirt! The reason why you aren’t supposed to hold indoor gatherings is because the 6ft rule is near useless under those conditions. There are hundreds of ways anybody can get infected; through Melania to Jill to Joe for instance.

Politically speaking, I’m crossing my fingers that Joe doesn’t get it. Donald Trump Still Think It’s A Hoax Shirt! Narcissists never care about things like this until it personally effects them; this is probably the best chance we have at Trump finally taking this virus seriously. Joe being infected would undermine all that, I can already hear Trump saying “Look Joe Biden wears masks but has it too, see? Masks don’t work. Etc.”

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