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Which doesn’t stop flu! Do you live in California or New York? Sounds like your one or the other! The FDA and the CDC are both as corrupt as the Comey FBI it is ALL POLITICAL and they do NOT care about YOU. no one would ever not trust science right How many people must die before they learned how to jump protocols. What have you?You leaving in another planet ? if the ” administration ” is so bad you could always return to Bulgaria I’m sure communism is better you obviously didn’t read the article.

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The FDA is suddenly proposing a 2-month period after the clinical trialsYou know if he doesnt cut red tape to allow the vaccine you MFs would cry about how he got the treatment but dont want you to get it. Seriously you Democrats are fuking annoying ok with what? The FDA is suddenly wanting a delay of 2-months after the clinical trials. Sounds like you are the one “ok” with more people dying. Trump supporters should inject the vaccine into their bodies first .

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