Vintage sloth hiking team we will get there when we get there shirt

A pretty 19 year old girl with curls in her hair goes into the dealership to get parts for her Mini (BLMC not BMW) . The part she wants is the gear linkage knuckle joint that fits at back of the engine underneath inlet manifold in an almost unreachable spot. The dealership storeman is trying to refuse selling the part explaining that it requires removing the engine to fit it. The girl patiently explains that she has small hand and a small spanner that fits. The argument goes back and forth. Eventually the girl becomes exasperated with the storeman’s position and pulls out from a her pocket a piece of metal, in her oily scabbed hand and then drops it on the counter and exclaims “well if its so impossible, why was I able to remove this without removing the engine?” The metal in question was the knuckle joint s. The storeman dumb founded sells her the part. Of course the poor storeman didn’t know that this girl also carried an adjustable spanner in her hand bag and a bolt extractor in her purse.

Vintage sloth hiking team we will get there when we get there shirt

Vintage bear fishing solves most of my problems beer solves the rest shirt

Snoopy riding bicycle autumn shirt

Snoopy I’m smiling under the mask shirt

Shark faces shirt

Protect your peace shirt

People say I need anger management classes but if you knew the stupid people shirt

I don’t curse I speak fluent trucker with a sailor dialect shirt

I asked God for a true friend so he sent me a squirrel shirt

I asked God for a true friend so he sent me a Donkey shirt

Hummingbird and butterfly I believe there are angels among us shirt

Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch shirt

Hayrides pumpkins falling leaves hot cocoa pumpkin spice s’mores bonfires shirt

Halloween Nightmare before coffee shirt

Everybody must get stoned shirt

Even though I have a mask on I still have no filter shirt

Dwarfs I’m grumpy deal with it shirt

Damn right I’m good in bed I can stay there all day shirt

Coors Light because 2020 is Boo sheet vintage shirt

Zero Fuck given Halloween shirt

Yes she’s riding no I don’t know when she’ll be home Shirt

Wine because 2020 is Boo sheet Hallowen shirt

Voting for Trump and I’d like to apologize for absolutely nothing shirt

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The Return Of Vampurr cat Vampire shirt

n order to be a mental-health professional, you have to go through rigorous training in order to be sure that you have all of your issues sorted out. It makes sense, in order for someone to be able and treat others, you can’t be holding on to baggage.Anyway, at the time, I had just gotten over a terrible loss and was scheduled to meet with a young girl who was suffering from PTSD. She was in a freak accident, lost both of her children, and was now living alone. Her ex-husband could not “handle” her outbursts. Everything in this woman’s life had gone to shambles in a matter of months and she needed relief from her constant rumination and flashbacks. These had been so bad that she claimed she only got 2 hours of sleep a night for the last week.I had never cried during a session before. I stand by the belief that if you cry when you see/hear about other people’s problems, you make it about yourself. I consider it selfish, really. It is not your place to cry and make someone feel bad for you when the suffering on the other person’s end is so much worse.

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