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Note:( This voting’s just for public Satisfaction) Biden gets 32% votes, as usual, no one has won an award for simply being a moron before. When nobody is Googling move to New Zealand and then 10 people do there will be a jump in it. Implying a nation ravaged by racial tension, fascist militants, violence, and an industrial prison complex is doing freedom right.

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Men's T-Shirt front
Wait, I thought everyone gets to punch a fascist in the face when we get off the plane like Hawaii gives out leis. This voting’s just for public Satisfaction) Biden gets 32% votes as usual of course lol. Not to live, I feel like that’d be intrusive, but the one place in the world I want to thoroughly explore is you. Overall, they are truly amazing and both ladies classy maybe you should try renting an apartment from trump and let me know how that works out for you. But agree that PM Jacinda Ardern is a very very good communicator, and with great results as she walks the talks. Sometimes, men leaders need to learn something from the iron ladies: get to do the job but do it with class and sass Great ladies.

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