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When your significant other tells you she wants you to change something about your appearance, explain her politely how she wouldn’t like to be interfered with her appearances by you (except compliments, but compliments are admirations). Even if she says she is okay with it, tell her you wouldn’t do it. No, I have been married a few times and engaged a couple more, but have always had a beard, in fact my last wife said she would divorce me if I ever shaved it off. Besides I might be as ugly as sin without it?? The majority of my answers will be about politics and the gym (not at the same time), but I will also answer pretty much any question that interests me. I love people commenting on my answers, so if you like, hate, disagree with, or are interested by something I write, let me know. Messi was young when he had long hair. You’ll also notice he didn’t have tattoos. My best bet would be that he wanted to go with the trend. If you look now, not many football players have long hair. Then tattoos became a thing so he got those too. You have a preference and that is fine. But just out of curiosity? What would you do if for some reason, he could not longer grow a beard? Would you dump him or get used to it? Answering that, will tell you, if anything, how “wrong,” (not the best word, at all) you would be.

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I’m a simple man love beard beer bacon boobs shirt

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Novelty (the beard and moustache) combined with the reassuring familiar (their father). It’s much the same reason young children enjoy having their father play monster: they can have recreational fear (as in a roller-coaster ride) without having any sense of danger (as they would have if a stranger played monster). Ted Bundy was apart of a Suicide hot line and later helped in the investigation of another killer, Jeffery Dahmer became a born again Christian while incarcerated, Adolf Hitler helped bring Germany back from economic ruin following world war 1, Al Capone had a soup kitchen. These men did do some good things in their lives but the bad FAR outweighs the good. Snape May have done some good things but not only was the good entirely for selfish reasons (Lily a woman who not only wanted anything to do with him but he had a hand in causing the death of) but he also was a complete asshole to pretty much everyone he came across (including the Children he was meant to teach).As for Harry being able to forgive Snape, Rowling pretty much have him the forgiveness of a saint. Oddly enough I want to compare Harry to another character: Superman, regardless of Superman’s powers he is what we should all strive to be in regards to humanity. Harry’s ability to forgive is what we as humans should strive to have. Liberal heretic. Reader of books. Traveler to places. Teller of profanity filled snark. Unsentimental about everything. Things do not have value because they endure. All that we love and appreciate will, one day, be rendered to stardust. What matters is how we treat individual people in our daily lives.

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