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I am an agnostic-atheist-humanist-pragmatic-utilitarian-ish type person (those are the closest words that resemble my beliefs, they’re only mostly accurate). Hater of dogma of any kind (even my own, which I have and I’m deeply suspicious of). Whether it’s the left wing variety or the right wing variety, if it’s a slogan, a witty rejoinder, a meme or a zesty sounding claim, I’m not interested. In an era of unprecedented peace, prosperity, transparency and liberty, I’m unwilling to concede to language, comedy or identity police what I should think and believe. That the world has problems is obvious; that unbending idealism is one of those problems is seemingly lost on the idealists. My fundamental premise about people begins with this: you’re more resilient and anti-fragile than you think. If you assume you’re not, then you’ll find a way to be a simpering, loud mouthed, crybaby and you’ll destroy your life just to prove how weak and fragile you are. Happy to not get in your way on your path to woke-misery while destroying yourself, nor should any aid be rendered to you on that brave path you’re traveling. Another interesting theory I have comes with an introduction to Jainism after marrying into a Jain family is that Shiva, the Hindu God is believed to be the first Tirthankar of the Jains. If that is true, then the depiction with a hairless countenance is quite acceptable considering that Jain munis take great pains to pluck out facial hair (and also hair on the head).

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A third theory that comes to mind keeping in tune with the fact that Brahma, the Creator is seen with a beard while neither Vishnu, the Protector and Shiva, the Destroyer sport any facial hair. Brahma is believed to be the father of man and Papa’s have well, facial hair…hence the beard. Vishnu and Shiva represent a universe where the male and female live in harmony (purported). Hence they are shown with a certain femininity and how better to depict than by doing away with the beard. Besides, they are shown with dark skin – to show that that is the natural color for the Indian subcontinent. Anybody listening?? As for the sadhus, they are supposed to be busy propagating/sharing their enlightenment with the rest of the world and they are supposed to be not exactly devoid of love but to be swathed in a universal love that knows no emotion. Hence the lack of concern over physical appearance. Difficult to describe love without attachment. But then, if I could, then I would be a sadhu, no? The best thing now is to keep it neat curving to the rear of your chin. Majority millennial women prefer soft fine mushy beard. While the rest, prefer slick clean shaved that look neat. Unless, it is your faith and religion matter that you really want beard so badly. On the other hand, research those supplements that will increase your hair grow and nails cuticles grow booster. Which comes to unnecessary expenditure. It actually quicken your beard grow and other hair grow. And to be frank it also in a way making you expired faster. Growing old is actually expiring process of a life. Do remember that. People wanted to live healthy, vitality and young not the other way around.

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