Beer the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

Whether it’s her iconic meat dress or her four-in-one look at last year’s Met Gala, Lady Gaga has never been afraid of going to fashion’s most dramatic extremes with her style. Now, it seems she’s extending this philosophy to her beauty routine too. Posting to Instagram ahead of her performance at this year’s socially-distanced MTV Video Music Awards taking place on Sunday night at various locations across New York City, Gaga offered fans a glimpse into her preparations for the Beer the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt  big night—here involving 2020’s most hardcore wellness trend, the ice bath.

Warrior I am a daughter of god I was born in October my scars tell a story they are a reminder of time but failed shirt

Supernatural tree Happy Halloween shirt

Stitch rock paper scissors throat punch I win shirt

Quand je bois je deviens Celine Dion shirt

I love you sign language shirt

Ed Gein in your face vintage shirt

Dance like there is no tomorrow shirt

Black cat angel knife Hmm shirt

Beer the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

Always Chingona sometimes Cabrona but never your Pendeja shirt

Witch my broom broke so now I ride a trike Halloween shirt

Skeleton dancing ballet pattern ballerina Halloween shirt

Scottish haud yer weesht an get oan wae it shirt

Mickey Mouse wish you were here shirt

Mickey Mouse be the I in kind shirts

Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Western conference Champions shirt

J’suis pas petite je s’appelle Groot shirt

Hocus Pocus everybody focus Halloween shirt

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Avengers fight for the things you care about shirt

Pitbull I_m telling you I_m not a dog my mom said I_m a baby shirt

Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Chickens and Tattoos and said fuck a lot shirt

I_m silently correcting your grammar shirt

I am a simple woman chicken wine dog paw and flip flop shirt

White and purple Jordan 13 shirt

My patronus is Ruth Bader Ginsburg shirt

Joker is the hero Gotham water reflections Halloween shirt

In a world full of princesses be a nurse shirt

I am a Crocheter of course I’m crazy do You think a sane person Would Hoard so much yarn shirt

Hippie car I_m not saying it was aliens but it was aliens shirt

Fleetwood Mac 53th anniversary 1967 2020 signatures thank you for the memories shirt

Donald Trump 2020 the sequel make liberals cry again signature shirt

Chicken nugs and mama hugs shirt

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Respect Toronto Blue Jays shirt

Never underestimate a woman who loves cats and was born in November shirt

Michigan Wolverines black girl shirt

I sew but my favorite hobby is collecting fabric shirt

I like chickens and coffee and maybe 3 people shirt

Diben you can steal our sign but you can_t steal our vote shirt

Autumn every redhead’s favorite color shirt

Vedder Grohl 2020 shirt

Skull dead pancreas society diabetes awareness shirt

Ruth Bader Ginsburg crown notorious ACB shirt

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Hallelujah 82 years 1934 2016 Leonard Cohen shirt

God first family second then Knights football shirt

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Riblet recipe shirt

Dead so viele Idioten und nur eine sense shirt

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