Top Hot Shirt On Buhrantee Burhantee On 2020/09/25

I need to be 100% authentic to what I’m doing,” the songwriter explains. “So I have to have the outfit to match—the right boots, the Top Hot Shirt On Burhantee On 2020/09/25 jeans, the shirts, the gloves, the hats.” An ardent fashion collector, Lou owns two pieces from John Wayne films of the 1930s, including a turquoise tassel shirt. In general, she’s drawn to menswear from the middle of the 20th century. “I’m really into 1920s tuxedo waistcoats, a good 1950s gabardine jacket, or 1940s sailor trousers,” says the performer, who has a growing archive of historical pieces that she readily mixes with contemporary garments like Our Legacy pants.

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