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It proves an indispensable ally of man in keeping the security and well-being of most nations at all times. Have you ever seen a working dog or bothered to learn how they are trained and used. They are rewarded for doing a good job and are the happy dogs out there. As I always said we don’t deserve dogs but I’m glad we have them Please join a Facebook group called RELATE. People from different countries share and learn the culture, values, way of life, cooking, slangs in each country, marital rites, divorce procedures, real-life stories.

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Men's T-Shirt front

So it’s not cruel or dangerous suppose its because when your infected your odor and breath change and the dog recognizes itSo now dogs will decide who can arrive in a country. For some might fear this, for dog lovers this could be the ultimate therapy at the airport I just want to say, it is so old fashion and low efficient.

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