Ruth Bader Ginsburg notorious RBG crown vintage shirt

Smith loves this hands-free dryer accessory because it’s “fast drying with maximum airflow pocket design.” Plus, it has a nonslip silicone collar that ensures the Ruth Bader Ginsburg notorious RBG crown vintage shirt tube will stay on its associated hair dryer. Coincidentally, just a week before the oil spill in Mauritius, the University of Technology Sydney released a study examining different materials used for cleaning up oil spills to find out what sorbent works best for soaking up crude oil. After comparing polypropylene, a major plastic material used by disaster agencies, with sustainable-origin sorbents including donated dog fur clippings and human hair recycled from salon waste, they found that hair worked well in decontaminating spilled oil in ocean-type environments and on hard land surfaces. “Human hair is an unconventional sustainable-origin product,” explains Megan Murray, an environmental scientist at the University of Technology Sydney and the lead author of the study.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg notorious RBG crown vintage shirt

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