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While many of the I need Dr Pepper shirt but in fact I love this creators don’t seem too phased by the possible ban, some do have backup plans lined up. Nava Rose, a TikTok DIY star with more than 2 million followers, is already thinking about her next steps. “If the ban does happen, it would totally suck since TikTok is my biggest platform, but I’ll still continue to create on Instagram and YouTube.” Kay adds that Instagram is a focus for him going forward, too. “It wouldn’t be the end of my world personally, as I have managed to make Instagram another profitable platform for myself. A lot of my followers would love to see my video content, so I suppose I would make more video content for Instagram.”

I need Dr Pepper shirt

Jones echoes the I need Dr Pepper shirt but in fact I love this sentiment as well. “I have almost half a million followers on Instagram, which I’m very grateful for,” she says. “Luckily, I would still have an audience to create for, but it’s a very different community. I’m also getting ready to launch a YouTube channel with longer content, fashion videos, and makeup tutorials. That’s a step I’m going to take regardless.” Other social media apps are also preparing to innovate on new platforms should TikTok be banned. Facebook, for instance, is currently developing Instagram Reels. Expected to roll out in August, Reels allows users to create and share short-form video content on the Explore page using music and audio soundtracks, much like TikTok. It’s a more video-centric approach for the app, which has typically been more photo based.  It wouldn’t be the first time Instagram has stepped up to keep up, of course. It did the same when it rolled out Stories in 2016, a counteraction to rival Snapchat’s more candid, off-the-cuff posting method.

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