Ghost nurse boo boo crew heart shirt

The development of the Ghost nurse boo boo crew heart shirt moreover I love this Caviar Skin Mask—and the brand’s name, a nod to its star ingredient—was fortuitous. Royzen’s son was a caviar exporter when she began working on creating a product that could tackle multiple skin issues; a glance at a laboratory breakdown of the food’s ingredients, including omegas and vitamins E and A, convinced her it would be ideal for skin care. “I was like, Why would we need to use chemicals to copy all this if I already have it in my hands?” she recalls. Nonetheless, she understands that not everyone will embrace the product. “Some people will say, ‘Oh, my God, fish on my face,’” she laughs. “Maybe it’s not for everybody, but people fell in love with it.”

Ghost nurse boo boo crew heart shirt

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