Wouldn’t be caught dead with Ted vintage shirt

Her business has been on bankruptcy verge since our last baby, so she called my attention to the possibility of the upcoming baby blowing it all off, to stop that from happening, I spent almost every minute on my watch, toiling and putting the whole of me in to stacking up to save her failing business.Procuring money for her got much easy after some thread on here on Quora led me to the plug where I had my credit score raised ( Quora for the first time did me good but the drunk in love, ignorant me did myself bad), I subsequently got couple of loans totaling 90+ Grand (stupidly for her business).Amidst all these, I was added to a one-week affiliation tour at work to make extra cash, but at the checking in point, I was flagged off for intense body temperature and high blood pressure so I had to go back home unknown to my wife. She couldn’t even wait till the second day of my departure( having a whole week to herself) and the saddest thing was that my assistant from work saw the whole show go down( he was helping me with bags).

Wouldn’t be caught dead with Ted vintage shirt

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I was molested from my biological father from the ages of 4–17. I was 6 when this one particular incident happened with my maternal aunt. I grew up in a mobile home with 2 bathrooms, my sister was using the one for us, so I asked my mom if I could use her “master bathroom” again it was a mobile home so it wasn’t really that much in terms of looks. She said I could, my biological father came home from work awhile later and went in their room. He opened the bathroom door and I innocently said “Hi daddy” he gets a look on his face and starts to undress in front of me and walk in the shower. I’m scared, never seeing a naked man before and confused as to why he didn’t wait for me to finish. My mom walked in and saw me still frozen in fear on the toilet And told me to go out in the living room while she proceeded to yell at him. I walk out and my aunt faces me and asks “Why did you want to see your father naked for?” I’m still in shock at this point and I mumble out “I didn’t.” She says “Well you must’ve since you stayed!” I’m in tears by this point, which had to have gave her the cue to hit me even lower with her words.

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