In November We Wear Blue Shirt

In November We Wear Blue Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The in november we wear blue shirt! TRADE UNION TWP. – Northwest Region Board of Directors held another virtual meeting broadcast from the high school library on Wednesday, with the first few minutes showing nothing but a bookshelf before someone watched the scene online inform Superintendent Joseph Long of the situation. He reset the camera and announced at the end of the meeting that the November session should be held in the auditorium – where the extensive renovation is almost complete – providing enough room to allow the public to attend in person. while maintaining a social distance and in november we wear blue shirt!

 In November We Wear Blue Shirt

In November We Wear Blue Sweater

Long also said the integrated education system, with some students studying directly at home while others studying at school, for the most part did well with some family connection issues, but most of those problems have been resolved and in november we wear blue shirt! He also commended the students in the school for following the procedures. “We have no problem with the masks. The children were a phenomenon. “High School Principal Ryan Miner said the school has received a $ 10,000 grant that will be used to support vocabulary skills, along with the team preparing to launch the seventh grade program. Research focuses on five words per week to incorporate them into student lessons to reinforce meaning learning and proper use.

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