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I think that with motherhood and parenting you most definitely have to lead by example, so I take pride in that with my chapter mothers as well as being the Piña Power Shirt and I will buy this overall mother,” Dee Dee Lanvin, who joined the house as the Royal Mother in 2017, said. Having split the $10,000 prize for the face category with Erykah Nicole (who is the house’s Atlanta Mother) in 2019, and having won the $7,500 for the same category at a 2009 House of Chanel Ball in Atlanta, Dee Dee is one of the highest-earning figures in the scene. “I work to instill those values in each and every one of the mother figures who represent this house,” she said. “To have that nourishing relationship with the kids, because people on the outside see that love and unity and relationship that we have. I take pride in that.”

Piña Power Shirt

That maternal leadership and bond was evident this summer on HBO Max’s Legendary, which marked television’s first ballroom competition show. On it Eryrika Lanvin served as mother to Carlos, Packrat, Zay-Zay, and Makayla and led them to the Piña Power Shirt and I will buy this finals, finishing as runners-ups for the $100,000 grand prize. Throughout the competition, Eyricka showed herself to be a decisive leader and protective figure, never afraid to take a step back to allow her kids to take charge where appropriate. But that leadership was evident on the set as Pretty, Makayla, Zay-Zay, Packrat, Carlos, and Dashaun tweaked choreography to fit their new Lanvin threads.

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