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Every Zoom meeting I’ve had with a network exec, I’ve started by mentioning that I made lots of script-writing goals, but, in fact, I’m spending every day playing Fisher-Price basketball,” says Katie Locke O’Brien, a director and writer in Los Angeles. “Normally, I do talk about being a mom a lot, but there’s more of a tendency to try to seem like a superhero who is ultimately able to balance things. Now, I’m just like, ‘Nope.’” Chelsey Christensen, an arts administrator based in Washington, D.C., conveys a variation on this message even when she’s not at her desk. In the Flamingos Happy Hallothanksmas Shirt Furthermore, I will do this afternoon her email is set to an auto-response that reads: “As a result of COVID-19, I am working remotely and sharing childcare responsibilities with my spouse for the foreseeable future. I will be unavailable in the afternoon, beginning at 1:30 p.m., and my response will be delayed.”

Flamingos Happy Hallothanksmas Shirt

So might we be at a turning point, when we all feel a bit more liberated to be more transparent about the Flamingos Happy Hallothanksmas Shirt Furthermore, I will do this multifaceted demands placed on working parents? The coronavirus crisis has ushered in policies that were liberal pipe dreams not long ago: large-scale federally mandated paid sick leave, expanded paid parental leave that in theory applies to anyone who has to give up working hours in order to take care of their kids. And at least at the moment, in response to the crisis, those policies are overwhelmingly popular. According to a study by Lean In, 76% of Americans think the new paid leave legislation does not go far enough.

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