Coffee Books & Rain Shirt

Coffee Books & Rain Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Coffee Books & Rain Shirt! The Kansas story (the band, not the US State at one end of the Yellow Brick Road) began in 1971 in Topeka City, Kansas. Originally friends from high school, guitarist Kerry Livgren (formerly in another band also called Kansas), bassist Dave Hope and drummer Phil Ehart named their group after their state, after That moved on to White Clover after adding classically trained violinist Robby Steinhardt and Coffee Books & Rain Shirt!
Keyboard singer / performer Steve Walsh and guitarist Rich Williams completed a six-track lineup in 1972, and they reverted as Kansas. On the surface there was nothing about these six hairy youngsters that would cause young girls to clash; None of them have anything like pin-up potential. Some are bulky, others are skinny; some have giant ruffled hair; one person didn’t even bother changing overalls to work before going on stage. But when they plugged in, burned, and left, Kansas had something really remarkable and Coffee Books & Rain Shirt!

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