Pour Me A Quarantine Shirt

Pour Me A Quarantine Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The pour me a quarantine shirt!  Just after midnight on April 17 when Jeff Geauvreau landed at Pearson International Airport in Toronto after a long journey from Peru, which was heavily affected by COVID-19, he told border officials at airport that he will return to Canada after almost 10 hours. years in a foreign country and there is no safe place to complete the two-week quarantine. He planned to stay with his old father, who would be at risk for a new coronavirus infection and pour me a quarantine shirt! 

 Pour Me A Quarantine Shirt

 Pour Me A Quarantine Sweater

After a short interview with public health officials, he was asked to board a shuttle bus and taken to a federal quarantine facility about 10 minutes away. Geauvreau recalls his thoughts at the time that hotels were paid for by the federal government and pour me a quarantine shirt!  “Hopefully it won’t be like barracks”. “I don’t know what to expect.”

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