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Since she was young, Smollett has always found joy and pride in her locks. “My mom instilled us with such a healthy relationship with our hair,” she explains. “She reminded us that all hair is beautiful and never allowed us to use the Peacock big breast hunter shirt term good hair. If you’ve got hair, you’ve got good hair.” These early teachings are part of what gives Smollett her confidence. “My mom helped me navigate this world as someone who lives at the intersection of multiple identities,” says Smollett. “She allowed us to embrace it all, own it, and be very unapologetic about our non-Eurocentric beauty.” Navigating both Hollywood and the world at large, Smollett appreciates the outlook her mother instilled in her. “There is this very narrow gaze of what is beautiful, and it’s very detrimental and very tragic for a lot of people,” she explains. “And I think it’s quite important for those of us who can to resist it and to tear it down, to dismantle the very systemic racism that exists in the beauty world.”

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