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About ten years ago, I was sitting at Just a magic girl living in a fantasy world took the going anywhere shirt a red light behind a tractor-trailer; we were both in the right lane of a 4-lane road. Just as the light changed, a car suddenly flew by wildly blowing their horn. I looked in the mirror and saw a dump truck coming at high speed and wandering from lane to lane. I followed the truck ahead of me hoping that the dump truck would miss me, but it struck the rear of my car with a glancing blow. Instinctively I slammed on brakes because I didn’t want to rear-end the trailer ahead of me, and thankfully, my car didn’t become a sandwich between two trucks. The dump truck crossed the oncoming lanes (thankfully no one was coming), drove through a ditch and ended up hitting a house.

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The odd thing was that the firefighter went around my car methodically pulling out the valve stems to flatten the tires. Maybe they wanted to stabilize the car, but I’ve never heard of rescuers doing that to anyone else. The volunteer fire department had a new jaws-of-life that they were itching to use, but the EMT who would have to stay in the car with me, talked them out of removing the roof. Since it’s a rural area, they draped a small blue-tarp over me and the EMT and used a saw to remove the door post. Then they could pry open both of the doors on the drivers’ side and slide me over onto a stretcher. The dump truck driver ended up in the same ER and I overheard a nurse tell him that his blood sugar was very low. I had soft tissue damage but no serious injury.

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