Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier shirt

Well lo and behold I’m taking a nap one afternoon before my night class. And who does she bring into our room? The guy that the whole campus was looking for! I was frozen in fear for a second. I had blankets around my bed so it was fairly dark inside like a tent. I decided to text my friend who lived upstairs to come down and call the cops. And then get me out of there!

She called and I could hear her talking in the hallway so I jumped out of my bed and asked my roommate just what in the hell she was thinking. She said that he wanted to repent and had God in his heart. I told her just how stupid she sounded right in front of him. I wasn’t about to leave her vigin self alone with him and I knew the cops were on their way. My friend arrived and we all were discussing it (kinda heatedly) but we wouldn’t let him out of the room. The cops finally showed up after about 10 minutes and arrested the guy. I told my roommate that she was in the real world now and needs to realize that people aren’t nice and sweet. Some of them will manipulate you and can hurt you. I promptly asked for a room reassignment and got to move into a room with my friend upstairs and we lived together (in a few different houses) the whole time we were at college. She even moved 2 blocks away from me while we were in our 20’s. I don’t regret getting him in trouble or introducing the real world to my roommate.

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