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I see the Bear Horror movie death metal shirt Furthermore, I will do this world through a hopeful lens, and I think part of that is personal. It comes from growing up in the 1960s and seeing Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy. They were shot down when I was seven years old, and I saw the aftermath of that. Then Stonewall happened, and though I didn’t know it at the time, that turned out to be so important to me from a life point of view. As a community, we’ve stood on their shoulders forever. And so I do think it’s personal. You know, we just finished Apple’s Developers Conference, and a key part of that is getting kids involved in programming. The projects kids brought to us this year, for instance, help people who have been sexually assaulted find resources. Or try to predict the next mosquito-borne disease and how it spreads. These are projects for social good, and it really warms my heart because it directly shows what will happen as these kids grow up.

Bear Horror movie death metal shirt

You see this in young people marching in the Bear Horror movie death metal shirt Furthermore, I will do this street for racial equity, and you see it in climate change, with the work that Greta Thunberg and others all across the world are doing. You see it on college campuses. Kids really get it. Hope takes courage. It takes boldness, and it takes really hard work. It takes persistence and grit. Hope is a foundation that those other things are built upon. If you’re not hopeful, then no amount of grit is going to get you by. You have to be marching to a North Star that looks a lot better than where you’re at.

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