Best Freakin’ Frenchie Mom Ever Shirt

Best Freakin’ Frenchie Mom Ever Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The best freakin’ frenchie mom ever shirt!  What I did not foresee was how quickly I would go back into my teen self and how comforting and guilt it would be at the same time. After college, I don’t think I will be home for more than a week. I built my own life in the city, got my own apartment, a dog, a job, no hobbies – but no hobbies in New York, you know? But being at home for an indefinite period of time with any idea of ​​an end date getting farther and farther each day has put me in the strange purgatory of life in between and best freakin’ frenchie mom ever shirt!

 Best Freakin’ Frenchie Mom Ever Shirt

 Best Freakin’ Frenchie Mom Ever Sweater

My working hours are filled with playing The Sims and watching The Simpsons in my room. My parents eat lunch at noon and dinner at 6 pm, which is far from my normal lunch routine at 4pm. and dinner at 9 pm. I spend all day working in my childhood bedroom surrounded by posters of movies that I thought were cool when I was 16, and my wardrobe drawer is full of pieces and best freakin’ frenchie mom ever shirt!  T-shirts from the universities I want to attend. My bookshelf is filled with folders for homework in English that I’m too nervous to watch because I secretly worry that I’m 16 years smarter than I am now.

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