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It was 2 AM. My wife suddenly woke me up and said she is not feeling the baby move inside. I wasted no time, got the keys, and started driving her to the nearby ER. For pregnant lady issues, the hospital ER redirected us to the birth center, so we went around for a bit more to find the birth center. Once we found the building, we were checked in quickly. The hospital staff promptly swung into action, and we thought we would be let go in one hour or so. But, after taking the ultrasound, the nurse told her she observed some contractions in the body. But my wife was not in pain. The nurse alerted the on-call doctor. The doctor advised us that the fall triggered the contractions in the body. The contractions could indicate a premature delivery if the contractions continue for several hours without spacing out. My wife is not due until the next few months. We were utterly devastated. The doctor administered some medicines as a precaution and advised her to stay under observation 24 hours for the baby’s safety. Contractions started to space out as expected in a few hours, and we will be out of the hospital in the morning if everything is normal.

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Honestly though, I find both behaviours to be rude. When hosting for friends, we always invite people over about 1 hour before serving food as do most of our friends. We have drinks and plenty of snacks available during that hour for those who came when specified and after the dinner too. Some people need that extra hour to arrive, and it causes far less aggravation if I’ve counted that in. Not that I mind if people are a little late, I consider within the first half an hour acceptable. Before I had kids, I was often up to 15 minutes late to things never to work related things, unless I had a legitimate excuse, like a doctor’s appointment. Mostly due to medical reasons I have had a lot of problems with my stomach over the years, but sometimes over poor time management. Most of my friends consider the first 15 minutes to be ”arrival time” though and arrive within that time too, so it worked out. If I was the late one, I always paid for lunch/tea though. If I’ve wasted someone’s time, for whatever reason, it’s the least I could do in return. Many friends did the same when they were the late one, not all though.

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