In October We Wear Pink Shirt

In October We Wear Pink Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The in october we wear pink shirt!  Upile, a poet and Sakhe, a consultant, first met in a common room at Oxford University – their first week on campus. “There was a group of African students, some of whom I met the day before, sitting across the room, so I waved to them and sat at another table with a friend,” Upile recalls. “In the end, the whole group left, except for one, handsome and dashing Sakhe. He walked over to my desk and asked if he could sit beside me, I agreed. We laughed all night and Then he took me home. It was October 2016 and we’ve been together ever since and in october we wear pink shirt! 

 In October We Wear Pink Shirt

 In October We Wear Pink Sweater

When Sakhe proposed in October 2018, he did so on a couch in Brighton, a resort town on the south coast of England. “Brighton, like us, is wacky and vibrant and is the perfect foundation for Sakhe’s intimate proposal,” Upile said. After a day visiting the beach, video game complex and castle (!!), they spend the night with a bottle of wine and Indian food before Sakhe kneels and in october we wear pink shirt!  “I said ‘yes’ and we spent a few days in the bubble of happiness before sharing the news,” she added.

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