Meowcrobiology shirt

At the time she was pregnant with her second child and had contracted the flu. That alone is a big deal. She developed a cough that just wouldn’t go away. First doctor she went to said, yup, you have the flu. You waited too long, so nothing we can do for it. You just have to wait it out.Over the next few days she gradually gets worse and ends up in ER. They say, baby is fine. Here is a prescription for your cough. This is where the medical negligence happened. The doctor fussed at my daughter over various non-issues but never even listened to her lungs. She is coughing up her toenails and the doctor does not even bother to check her lungs. Her shoulders hurt but the doctor does not even bother to check her lungs. She looks pale and weak and the doctor does not even bother to check her lungs. See a problem?A few days later she goes to a local clinic even worse. They check her vitals and ask if she has been throwing up. She hasn’t. Seems that is the only sepsis symptom she didn’t have. They sent her immediately to ER and from there she was care flighted to Baylor hospital in Dallas where they had better ability to care for someone on the edge of death.

Meowcrobiology shirt

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I was only 18 then. I was very innocent, naive. I came from a small place to a big city where I saw all girls having boyfriends. I never had a boyfriend till then. Then I craved for a boyfriend. I took a drop for medical that year. I met a guy there. He proposed me and I accepted. Then he told me to meet at his place. He tried to kiss me, I allowed. It was my first kiss. I was a virgin and he had sex with me after promising to marry me. I was so blindfolded in love that I did everything he told. Then my family came to know about this relationship. My mom beated and tortured me and I started treating her as my enemy. Then they gave up and accepted him. He got mbbs away from this place. So he went to study there and our relationship became a long distance relationship. He used to come to me in between as his family lived in this city only. He used to have sex everytime.

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