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As the Love Nurse Pumpkin Halloween shirt Besides,I will do this show continues to peel back the layers of Leti, her fierce beauty signatures continue to be a vital tool in telling her story. There’s her waved bob, cherry red pout, and, of course, her sharp scarlet talons to match. “It was important to get the shape right,” says Smollett of Leti’s perfectly oval-shaped nails. “There’s something very dangerous about her claws, as I call them.” When it came to Leti’s bob, Smollett was happy the director of the pilot episode didn’t want her to wear a wig. “I was looking for an excuse to cut off my hair anyway,” she says of the process, adding that she created a mood board with pictures of Eartha Kitt, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lena Horne for inspiration. The overall goal of Leti’s striking presentation? To stand out. “In a time and era when the erasure of Black folks was so prevalent, Leti is going to be seen, she is going to stake her claim,” says Smollett.

Love Nurse Pumpkin Halloween shirt

As for Smollett’s real-life, day-to-day approach to beauty—she’s admittedly quite the Love Nurse Pumpkin Halloween shirt Besides,I will do this opposite of Leti. “I’m naturally a tomboy,” she says, adding that her always accidentally breaking her character’s nails was a running joke on set. “Leti is very strong, but she’s also feminine, and embracing the glamorous side of the 1950s was a little bit of a learning curve for me,” she says, adding that wearing corsets and fancy underpinnings (instead of her typical uniform of ripped jeans and a white T-shirt) was an adjustment. But although Smollett’s style is minimal, she goes all out with her skin-care routine. In addition to her morning green smoothie and daily gallon-of-water intake, the star leans on a roster of skin-care products from MDO and cult facialist Shani Darden. In tending to her hair, which she recently cut off to “purge herself of Leti,” maintenance is really simple thanks to SOTAH’s hair-care range. “It doesn’t weigh my hair down and helps me maintain the flexibility of having different hairstyles,” says Smollett of the line, which is pronounced “soh-tah” and is an acronym for State of the Art Hair.

Love Nurse Pumpkin Halloween s Hoodie

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