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Days after making a speech at When We All Vote’s livestream event, the Duchess of Sussex sat down with Gloria Steinem for a wide-ranging conversation that touched on female representation, voting rights, and even her husband, Prince Harry. Done in collaboration with Makers, a women’s empowerment organization, the Life is better with Wine and book shirt conversation was timely: August 26 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment.“I have one bar hanging in the shower and one by the kitchen sink next to a cute wooden brush,” says Helvey, who left her Bed-Stuy apartment for an artist’s residency in the seaside city of Marseille earlier this year. She notes that the time-tested “no-frills” savon, which she stocks up on at the historic hardware store Maison Empereur, cleans her skin and hair just as well as it does her dirty dishes. “You can even shave it with a cheese grater and put it in your laundry.
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