Coffee Right Meow Shirt

Coffee Right Meow Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The coffee right meow shirt!  My grandmother is in Northampton County, who tracks the August fog to calculate the snow and their amount also on the morning of August in the days after Saint Bartholomew’s Holiday. The amount of cold frost will determine the amount and how much hail that winter will create. The dense fog of late August paved the way for frosts in October and November, and beyond that was ice, snow, and frozen mud pits along the road. This must be what Grandma had in mind when she did the math on the misty day of the month following Holy Day “Bart” and coffee right meow shirt! 

 Coffee Right Meow Shirt

 Coffee Right Meow Sweater

Legend says that the mid-August rains became heavier and colder. We have to guess that the colder and heavier her recipe is, the greater the odds of difference in the amount of ice, snow, and the amount of frozen rain we will receive. We are so glad that during her busy day she had time to check the dew and coffee right meow shirt! 

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