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You call him a Weightlifting installing muscles please wait shirt narcissist. You saw the real person behind the mask which means you are devalued. What happens when you are devalued? Basically the official relationship ends and their attention shifts to someone new. They won’t stop you leaving but if you stay, they won’t say no to it. He has a new supply and is talking to you about her everyday. It sounds so familiar. I have experienced the same. Guess what? He is talking about you to his new supply. What does he gain from that? He is trying to make you jealous and making his new supplu insecure and show himself more desirable. He is trying to create a competition. Two people are fighting or competing for him.

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What a great fuel, ego boost for him! He is triangulating you. It is sick. He is still playing with you after the breakup. You should go no contact with him. Since you know that he is a narcissist, you also know that he can’t be a good friend for you. Mine was quite surprised the first time I gave him back what he did to me. I never let on that I was deliberately doing it, and I would deny deny deny. Had we not lived way out in the sticks, I’d have questioned who actually did it, other than the fact that I knew exactly how petty he was. I saw it that next morning. I knew it was him, so I took the same sandpaper and scratched the piss out of HIS car. I will never forget the look of absolute shock on his face.

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