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Vogue spoke to Ganguli on the Flyers Jack Skellington Halloween shirt Additionally,I will love this motivation to create this project, his own personal takeaways, and how everyone can start the conversation from home at this time. How did you come up with this idea for Lifesaving Conversations and why did you want to start this initiative? Our work from the very early days was always to shine a light on all those women and men and trans people who were always ostracized by society. So our work was always to connect different worlds with each other. Of course, now the fact is that we can’t do these physical conventions anymore. But more important than that, the fact that we are at a stage where the chapter is turning so strongly, it’s our cultural response to the crisis plural, not just one crisis, the crises exacerbated by COVID-19.Flyers Jack Skellington Halloween shirt

Flyers Jack Skellington Halloween shirt

Racial injustices, the health infrastructure that’s collapsing in so many countries, and minority communities and what they’re fighting. So there’s so many other issues now, like domestic violence on the rise because people are locked up. As a cultural response to all the crises the Flyers Jack Skellington Halloween shirt  world is facing, we felt it was important, not just to do some PR-driven telethon: we wanted to do something very solid and substantial and long term and truly inclusive. We wanted to reach millions of people in key countries where the virus has truly ravaged so many different fabrics of society.

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