Cultivating The Witness Shirt

Cultivating The Witness Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The cultivating the witness shirt!  After 5 pm, a little, on Sunday, August 23, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, fired Jacob Blake, 29 many times when people try to go into an SUV Dodge gray, after forces Law enforcement is called to the area because of a report. According to several witnesses said Blake, who is still alive and in stable condition, is not part of the debate leading to call the police, but instead, Blake is trying to calm the two women are fight. for local reporters and cultivating the witness shirt!

 Cultivating The Witness Shirt

 Cultivating The Witness Sweater

A video recorded footage has been widely posted on social networks. Video on mobile phones below shows when Blake left the sidewalk in front of a front lawn nearby house and went around the SUV parked on a residential street in Kenosha and cultivating the witness shirt! Two officers in uniform, their weapons, tracked him as he walked, while the other officers shouted asking Blake to stop.

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