Top shirts Getsypremium on 2020/06/27

The Top shirts Getsypremium on 2020/06/27 decided to move forward with reopening, but the restaurant landscape looks much different today than it did pre-COVID. “I can’t get close to anyone,” Onwuachi explains. In an effort to flatten the curve, there’s no hugging old customers. Plates have to be placed on a tray away from the table, and guests have to walk their food back to the table themselves. The Kith and Kin menu is now available via a QR code that guests scan and read on their own mobile devices, while beverage straws and napkins are handed to guests in small Ziploc bags. “It takes away the feeling of hospitality a little bit. Some people are frustrated that we’re taking all these precautions, but it’s necessary to keep our staff and guests safe as well as to continue to flatten the curve.

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